Agent Marketing Minute: Email Auto Responders

Many email users think that the use of auto-responders are only to be used when you are out of town. With the speed of the Internet, many people expect a quick response when you are in town. Often you’re not in front of your email or can’t respond quickly because you’re with a client or in a meeting. This is when you need to have your auto-respond turned on, and many savvy agents have it on 24/7, just in case a lead or query comes in via email. It’s easy to compose a standard reply, think about what your message says on voice mail and incorporate similar ideas. Keep in mind that the Internet user wants assurances that you’ll get back to them promptly.

Here is a standard auto response. Thank-you for your message. Your question or request for information is important to me. I return all emails within two hours during business hours and the next morning after hours. If your request needs immediate assistance please call me or send a text message to my cell phone: 866-866-1234. I look forward to serving your real estate needs. Visit me online at: for digital property brochures and virtual tours. Warm Regards, Rebecca