Diabetes Doesn’t Mean An End To Traveling | Travel vacation

You’ve been diagnosed with diabetes and you’re stuck at home right?Fortunately, diabetes does not mean what it once did and current research and break through’s mean that things are continuing to improve as you read this.Vacations, airline travel, cruises, and long drives to a vacation destination are all possible. It takes some planning and some extra work, but you can do it.You need to plan for them and prepare for possible emergency, allowing for a safe and enjoyable vacation for you.o Consult with your doctor and your medical support team about changing insulin doses and an extra prescription for insulin.o Carry a snacks and juices and plenty of water wherever you go. This will help if you need something quick to bring up sugar levels. Keep extra diabetes supplies in the same pack. If you keep everything together, they will be handy when the need arises.o Be sure to pack extra supplies in a hand bag or purse, it’s a good idea to even pack your diabetes and extras in several bags.o Always wear your medical alert bracelet and any other medical information that might be needed.o Your friends and families should know the route you are traveling.o Making reservations for busy restaurants may help you avoid long waits. They also may be able to provide you with nutritional information about menu selections.o Remember that any change in physical activity, even packing or loading up the car, can cause blood glucose levels to swing high or low.o Insulin should not be allowed to freeze and must be kept out of direct sunlight, as should all supplies, sunlight can affect test results. Ice packs can be used to keep insulin chilled.o And lastly, can’t say this often enough, always have plenty of extra insulin and food for any unforeseen moments on any excursion.The Transportation Security Administration section of the Department of Homeland Security has many good tips on flying when you have diabetes. If you need further information from them, you can call them at (866) 289-9673.Going to a theme park or water park? Be safe and keep your insulin supplies in a waterproof bag to avoid water damage.When traveling in a boat, the diabetic should be aware of any seasickness they may suffer from. The main problem of the dependent insulin diabetic patient is that seasickness can upset their diabetic condition and cause them to have problems.Will you be flying? If you happen to have an insulin pump, ask them to do a visual inspection of your insulin pump and do a physical pat down. If you go through the metal detector, you will set it off. Most should know what an insulin pump is but it doesn’t hurt to remind them. If they ask you to remove your pump, remind them that it is a needle under your skin.Once you have had your supplies screened, the following are diabetic supplies that can be carried onboard with you.- Glucagon emergency kit- Urine ketone test strips- A disposal container or something similar and an unlimited supply of used syringes and testing strips- Insulin pump and supplies including all supplies needed for cleaning, extra plastic tubing, infusion kits, batteries, catheter, and needles- Insulin dispensing products, including vials, pens, jet injectors, infusers, and any preloaded syringes as well as insulin- Lancets, testing strips, glucose meters, alcohol swabs, and any other meter-testing supplies- Unlimited number of unused syringes as long as they are with your insulin or other medication that is injected.Remember when flying; don’t check all of your diabetic supplies. If you have watched the news, you know there is many bags lost each year.Checking your blood sugar more often during time away from home is best. It is recommended you check at least six times a day to avoid any problems. Be prepared for changing blood sugar levels because of heat, excitement, and schedule changes. It is also recommended is to drink at least 64 ounces of water each day and more if you are more active than usual. You should drink the same amount of water even if you are visiting a beach or a pool.The insulin pump is becoming more popular. It can give you the flexibility of vacation schedules without worrying about injections. The pump is more popular, especially for children with diabetes. As new technology makes these pumps even better, more children and adults will have the freedom to travel.

Nokia N95 – A Perfect Multimedia Device | multimedia

The latest Nokia N95 is a 3G smartphone that comes with a 2-way smooth slide opening mechanism. With smooth keys, it allows the users to navigate easily between different modes. The widescreen of this handset measures 2.6 inch that can provide a high resolution of 240 x 320 pixels on a 16 million colour TFT display.With a weight of 120 grams including the battery, the users carry and hold the gadget quite comfortably. This Nokia mobile is integrated with a 5 megapixel camera and Carl Zeiss optic lens that offers flawless image capturing options. The built-in camera comes with a suite of advanced features including digital zoom, auto focus, flash, camera keys as well as white balance. The users can enjoy capturing the images in landscape and night camera modes. Moreover, the advanced video capabilities can be used for recording memorable events for up to 1 hour; useful options such as video player, and capabilities for video streaming make this possible.In addition, the N95 offers features such as stereo and visual FM radio and music player as well. The users are able to enjoy enthralling music on popular formats such as MP3, AAC+, AAC, eAAC+ and WMA.The Nokia N95 is a 3G enabled smartphone that works well on Symbian operating system and boasts of advanced features such as photo and video editing, music player, and management specifications as well. This handset offers ample memory storage for pictures, data, music or messages. As a matter of fact, the N95 comes with a 160MB of internal memory and supports MicroSD memory card up to 2GB.The Nokia N95 is highly capable and delivers high quality connectivity to other compatible devices as well. To give manifestation to the same, this innovative handset from brand Nokia supports EDGE, HSCSD, WLAN Wi Fi, Bluetooth and USB technology. The quad-band technology and HSDPA ensures seamless connectivity across the globe.